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Oct. 31st, 2034

Hello! This here is my personal LJ. If you're looking for my writing, you probably want shiikifics, where I keep all my fic and recs. Fic I post here will all link back there anyway. However, I do post some unpolished drabbles and unfinished stuff over here from time to time, so if that's your cup of tea, welcome! I love to interact with readers, so don't be afraid to leave a comment on anything at all!

My fandom-related posts are mostly public, though I do flock stuff that might be a bit personal. If you do indeed want to see those and get to know me better ... well, howdy! Drop me a comment here letting me know who you are and that you'd like to friend me. (Don't worry, I don't bite, and comments will be screened for this post for the sake of your privacy.)

More dragons!

I've now officially watched every episode of HTTYD and the TV spin-off that there is. Did not think I'd enjoy this series quite as much as I did, but that's the way it goes, I guess. I certainly never predicted that I'd love any of the fandoms that I ended up loving when I first picked them up.

Not that I'd say I'm in the HTTYD fandom. I've enjoyed the movies and the show, but I don't have any compulsion to create for it. I reckon it's a film thing. Then again, I wrote in CCS and TRC fandoms, so ... yeah, totally beats me. It's not that I don't love the story--Hiccup and Toothless's friendship in particular makes me teary-eyed most of the scenes. They're just so lovable. Hiccup/Astrid is cute, I guess, but the TV series did it in a kind of *meh* way. I mean, I knew they were going to end up together, but there was way too little set-up in the early episodes and then way too rushed in the final few. Is it too much to ask to have a proper long-term, consistent build up if you want to write in a romance plot? (I suppose this is what I mean by plots for TV series. It's just not all that well sustained over time.)

Anyway, it's probably too soon to say whether I will or won't write stuff. I'm taking a bit of a break now anyway after finishing off my big bang draft and editing it at the moment. I've done a bit of plotting and planning out some fic to be written in the future, but that's about it today as far as fannish stuff goes.

Plots (of the fictional variety)

Here's the thing about TV shows--they're fun, but you could drive a train through the plot holes. Or character inconsistencies. Oh well, I'm not really watching the HTTYD Netflix series for a good tight storyline anyway. It's just that when the plot for an episode actually gets good, that's when my attention is truly grabbed--as opposed to when it's just blowing up stuff and charging in.

Toothless is the most adorable thing ever, by the way. I think I'm totally watching this only because of the dragon-Viking relationships, which melt my heart completely.

I'm also halfway through PoA (or maybe more? It's hard to tell on audiobook) and this morning I hit the part where Neville owns up to leaving the passwords lying around. And I am so in love with my darling boy all over again. Can I just say how big this moment is? He owns up. Immediately. While utterly terrified and knowing he's going to be punished. And punished he is, because wtf, those are some truly terrible punishments for what was essentially carelessness. Talk about punishments befitting the outcome rather than the crime!

But my point is, Neville didn't even hesitate (or if he did, it lasted what, 5 seconds?) to step up and admit when he'd done something wrong, and face the consequences for it. That's not easy for a kid. Hell, I don't even think it's easy for adults to admit we were wrong and submit to the consequences.

*squishes Neville*

How to Train Your Dragon

Why did I never watch this before? I'm finding out how fun this movie is. And the animated series, which I've burned through two seasons of in one weekend.

Between putting on PoA on audiobook when I'm out running.

I'm up to the Boggart lesson, and it's one of those scenes that really make me think. If analysed more deeply, it could reveal a lot more about each of the characters. How do you decide what the physical manifestation of a greatest fear should be, when lots of our fears are actually abstract concepts?

Remus talks about Harry's fear of Dementors being a fear of fear itself, and that could well be true--given Harry's position, he might fear being too afraid to do what has to be done.

And then Remus's boggart is the moon, but I'm fairly certain he isn't scared of the moon per se, but the event that's associated with it. It's the moon because that's the thing that controls his transformation, and Remus fears losing control of the wolf, or of his secret being outed (losing control in a sense) ... and yeah, maybe that's just me theorising, but it makes sense.

Is Ron's boggart a spider because it represents a horrible surprise?

What would Hermione's boggart be? I'm sure this question has been thrown around before. I'm playing with the theory at the moment where (in third year, at least) it is that Ron and Harry will stop being her friends and accepting who she is, and it sort of comes true in third year. Ouch, it's going to be painful getting to that part of the book now that I'm thinking about that.

What would your boggart be? I suspect mine would be similar to Remus's, except I can't think what could represent the trigger to losing control quite as precisely.

Books and movies (and home-baked pizza)

Well, I finished CoS. Thank you, bout of house-cleaning over the weekend.

I listened to the final chapter on my run this morning. Damn, Riddle is one creepy psychopath. I was halfway through his monologue before I even realised he was monologuing (that's how fascinating the narrative was), but it was a sort of fascinated horror as I took in just how amused he was at Ginny's distress.

From a narrative perspective, you kind of think, yeah, it's a creepy villain, a magical boy-in-a-book. But then actually, this character is Tom Riddle at 16. It's the boy at the orphanage who made people hurt just to amuse himself and see if he could. And he's manipulating Ginny not only for his own ends but also his own sadistic pleasure. He's taking pleasure in her confusion and her despair and her slowly losing her mind. It's incredibly twisted, the way he reports it, like she's this rat in a cage he's been observing doing tricks.

This is a book for children, BTW. I guess it works as it sort of couches the true horrors of the world--people like Tom, who exist--in a fantasy nightmare (he lives in a book, it's all magic), but the dark themes are there. We talk about how HP got darker in the later books, but I don't know ... it's already here. It's just not quite noticed by Harry, I guess. Because he's 12. And at 12 the dark stuff kinda flew over my head, too.


I decided to have a brain-dead evening today--no fic writing, no plotting, nothing that requires cognitive processing because I figured I'd done enough of that (and enough writing) in the day.

I made myself pizza (first time trying it, and it turned out pretty okay) and put on How to Train Your Dragon. It was a fun movie. And Astrid totally puts me in mind of Annabeth. Toothless coming after Hiccup and getting chained by the Vikings broke my heart, but it does kinda follow the typical adventure animation movie pattern, so I figured it'd come out okay in the end. And it did, of course. I guess the patterns are there for a reason--there's a reason why we love the archetypal stories!

Anyway, it was a nice, pleasant way to spend the evening. I've actually been listening to the HTTYD soundtrack music for a while now (it's a good backdrop for fic writing) so it's nice to now know the story that goes along with it!

Speaking of music, I saw last night that the Lightning Thief musical now has a soundtrack for streaming. I gotta listen to that. I loved Good Kid, so hopefully there are some other great tracks on there. I wish I could see the musical live!

Cleaning done!

Did the mopping and the laundry ... and as a result, I'm fairly blazing through CoS.

I was listening to Aragog's chapter, and two things struck me:

1. Malfoy's comment about McGonagall standing in as headmistress not lasting long, and his asking Snape if he'd be the next headmaster. How eerily does that foreshadow the end of HBP?

2. Did Fred and George suspect anything when Harry and Ron repeatedly lost at chess? I mean, Ron. Losing. Chess. (!)

Chapter 17: The Man With Two Faces

I never suspected Quirrell.

Read more...Collapse )

Because fernwithy always needs a plug ...

Especially when she's written HP fic.

Broken (or how Harry came to have 12GP in her Teddyverse).

I was rereading the Teddy stories while on holiday, so I'm all thrilled to see something to add to that 'verse. Although this is kind of pre-Teddy, since he's barely three months old or so here.

HP 20th Anniversary reread chpt 16

Chapter 16: Through the Trapdoor

This one's a long one, but it goes so fast!

Read more...Collapse )
Chapter 13: Nicolas FlamelCollapse )

Chapter 14: Norbert the Norwegian RidgebackCollapse )

This is also the point where I ran out of steam on my chapter-fic project last time. So if I'm going to pick it up again, it would have to be next chapter.

I can't see that I'd be able to keep going through seven books, but it'd be nice to finish off PS/SS at the very least.

HP 20th anniversary reread, chapters 8 & 9

I think I'm still behind by two chapters? (It's day 11 of the reread today, if I'm not wrong ... though I've been abroad for long enough that my dates are fairly mixed up.) Still, I'm doing pretty well considering I've been at the Summer Institute all week. I also can't believe it's been only a week (and a bit). My brain has taken in enough information to last the whole month!

Chapter 8: The Potions MasterCollapse )

Chapter 9: The Midnight DuelCollapse )
I thought I'd be late to the party with the HP reread, as it officially began yesterday, and I was busy all day (and went to bed early to get up at 2 today!) But I forgot two things: 1. Time zones! Being anywhere between 5 and 9 hours ahead of people in the US means Tuesday is almost Monday. :p 2. Audiobooks! Meaning I could 'read' as I walked into the train station this morning. My 45min walk (and subsequent wait for the train) took me through 2 chapters. And I took the chance on the train to pen down my thoughts and two drabbles, one for each chapter. I'm writing this post at Gatwick Airport now. So yay, here we go!

Anyway, I should have mentioned, this is a reread in honour of twenty years of HP. Can you believe it's been so long? (This year also happens to be the year of '19 years later'. Yikes!)

PS chapter 1: The Boy Who LivedCollapse )
PS chapter 2: The Vanishing GlassCollapse )

Fic on holiday? Yeah, why not?

Yes, I am on holiday. But that's arguably the best time to write. And I finally dusted off this little WIP that's been languishing on my hard drive for months, since I watched Fantastic Beasts and latched onto that bakery scene between Jacob and Queenie.

I always start out thinking I'll just write a drabble, which expands into a ficlet, and whaddya know! It's fic length!

Fantastic Breads | Jacob/Queenie | G

I have no idea what LJ comms are around these days, so no real idea on where to share this, so if anyone has a recommendation for me to cross-post, hit me up! :)

The Dark Prophecy (ToA #2)

Finally got to it! I read it on the train going up to the Midlands, and thought I’d pen my thoughts as I went along, chapter by chapter, because how many times do you actually get to experience a book for the first time? (Okay, just once, duh.) Of course, the reason why I usually don’t is because it’s distracting to put down the book each chapter, and I’m generally a speed reader with first reads, anyway. But I wanted to savour this one.

I got maybe a quarter of the way through and then abandoned the plan, because EXCITING PLOT NOT STOPPING happened, but here’s the very mish-mash, random-thought version of my chapter-by-chapter review.

Spoilers, naturally.Collapse )

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