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Oct. 31st, 2034

Hello! This here is my personal LJ. If you're looking for my writing, you probably want shiikifics, where I keep all my fic and recs. Fic I post here will all link back there anyway. However, I do post some unpolished drabbles and unfinished stuff over here from time to time, so if that's your cup of tea, welcome! I love to interact with readers, so don't be afraid to leave a comment on anything at all!

My fandom-related posts are mostly public, though I do flock stuff that might be a bit personal. If you do indeed want to see those and get to know me better ... well, howdy! Drop me a comment here letting me know who you are and that you'd like to friend me. (Don't worry, I don't bite, and comments will be screened for this post for the sake of your privacy.)

My name is on the PJOHOOBigBang participants' list! Whew, that means my sign-up has definitely got through. And seeing that this morning was motivation to work on my fic outline this afternoon. I'm pretty well outlined with all the bullet points I want to include up to chapter 7 now, with some work on chapter 8 as well. Hopefully that's going to keep me on track when it's time to start writing! (It worked for NaNo, after all!)

This detailed plot outline thing is starting to become my preferred way of writing these days. It does mean I spend ages planning before I actually start writing, though. And that I end up dealing in multi-chapters as opposed to one-shots.

Having done that now, here's an old fandom characters meme from this post.

Favourite characters.Collapse )

Meme of the morning!

I was going to call it meme of the day, but I anticipate more meme-age coming up after church later (hey, whatever I can do to take my mind off the stress, right?) so morning it is.

Here's one on writing, which I did twice before in 2010 and 2008.

Post the first line from your last 20 stories.

I think I have enough for this to be different from the last time I did it, so here goes!

20 storiesCollapse )

Reprising some old book memes!

It turns out that I haven't read much more from these old lists since the years I did them.

Combining all the old what-have-you-read memes ...
1. Bold the books you've read.
2. Underline the ones read since you last did the meme.
3. Italicize the ones you started but never finished.
4. Star/Asterisk the ones you loved (***).
5. Strikeout the ones you hated. (I'm going to go with 'didn't care for' because hate for a book is pretty strong.)
6. Mark ones that you intend to read with carets (^^^).
7. At the end, add another book you've read and loved.

106 top unread books
Unread booksCollapse )

200 from this entry
200 booksCollapse )

One with an add-on at the end!Collapse )


Pretentious title aside, I was struck today about how the complexity of language is what makes it so beautiful. Thanks to a sermon--or rather a lead-in to a sermon--in church. (I know, strangest place for it, right?)

Basically, the points were as follows:Collapse )
My random scattered thoughts:Collapse )


Speaking of running, after a weekend of long distance runs (33 in total, though not at once!) I just want to sit on the sofa and guzzle peanut butter. It's a problem.

Just your average Saturday

+ I made myself tea and totally forgot about it while I let the teabag sit. Fortunately that was only 15 minutes ago as opposed to an hour, so it's lukewarm rather than cold.

+ My back is killing me after 8 + 14km this morning. Plus the walk back from the campus showers because the damn boiler still isn't fixed so STILL not hot water.

+ And so I'm on the sofa rather than the chair and desk. With the lap blanket cos it's cosy as opposed to actually freezing. 11 degrees, people, after a cold week, double digits are looking mighty fine.

+ Weekends are when I put on my Camp Half-Blood jumper and feel all happy to write/research PJO in an actual PJO hoody. Yay! (An adult? Me? Surely you kid ...)

+ And get out my weekly update for The Golden Fleece. That's the plan, anyway. I'll do the cross-posting after dinner. (It's that time already? There's the day gone while I wasted time on Google researched and plotted fic stuff. Yeah, I spent half my fic-plotting time Googling random details like famous forts in USA and the history of Thebes and mythological foxes ... it will all come together, I promise. No, I'm not going to give away how and where and in which fic. :D)


While I wait for dinner to cook (bean chilli, yum), here's a Percy/Annabeth drabble! Sort of a follow-up to this one, in a thematic rather than chronological way though.

Leaving them on tumblr for the moment because I have this thought that if I could write five of them I could tie them together as one of those 'Five Things' fics which used to be all the rage. (I think I may have written a fair few of them myself, albeit in other fandoms.) We'll see.


Is it weird that I'm more excited about sign ups for this opening tomorrow than Valentine's Day?

Probably not since I don't care about Valentine's Day either way and never really have. And I've never done a Big Bang before, although I did help mod the NevilleBigBang back in ... er I think it was 2010?

Well, NaNo last year, Big Bang this year. There's a first time for everything!

Posting my NaNo fic!

I've got a decent amount of it edited--I'm fairly sure I've caught any plot inconsistencies and will be able to keep writing it up at a rate that will allow for weekly updates, so I think it's time to post!

I know, I'm kind of eccentric when it comes to writing multi-chapters. I don't like posting them proper unless I know I'm not going to abandon the fic or go on hiatus with it for too long. I abandoned one fic once and I got some comments on it that made me feel guilty that I couldn't give the one reader who enjoyed it a conclusion!

Then again, maybe I sort of have taken a plunge as I've inadvertently started myself writing a 5-part series with only 2 parts that I know I'm definitely completing. So ... yeah. I dunno.

Here be fic.

Yes, it's a sequel to Daughter of Wisdom, and bears the rather unimaginative title, The Golden Fleece.


So much to write, so little time!

As if it weren't enough that I'm editing my NaNo project and plotting a Big Bang, plus having several one-shots sitting half-written in my WIP folder, the muse decides it's a good idea to keep churning out plot bunnies.

It keeps starting with 'what if ...?' and 'I wonder what happened to ...?'

And then yesterday I got bitten by an idea for a coffeeshop/café AU. You know, because there aren't enough of them proliferating in the PJO fandom. I feel like I've gone over to the dark side just thinking about it. But hey, I guess new fandom, new rules!

Besides, it led to a whole lot of research on the various types of coffee (I honestly never knew any of this--I don't drink coffee, after all) and what your coffee (and hot chocolate and tea!) says about you. Not that I take it very seriously, but it's fun for characterisation purposes!

Experiment testing!

If anyone wants to procrastinate for 20-30mins ... I'm piloting a new experiment which is *gasp* not a survey. (Well, not all of it.)

The link is here: https://essex.eu.qualtrics.com/SE/?SID=SV_eOQxMtoZD55aElL

Just a warning--it will require you to download an app to your computer temporarily, but you can delete this easily at the end of the experiment (it's safe, don't worry).

I'm looking for feedback about
-how clear my instructions are for the task
-how long it took you
-whether you could understand what to do for the task
-was it too boring
-did I ask you to report the effort taken too many times?
-any other feedback on colours, timing, etc.

Thanks! ♥



Seriously, Trump?

I don't understand US politics and how this all works, but I can't help wondering if people once reacted to the step-by-step stuff Hitler did in a similar way. And after it all, we ask in hindsight, how on earth did someone like that gain so much power?

Assuming the world isn't destroyed in world war three within the next decade, would people of the future be looking back at all this now with the same question?


On an unrelated note, once upon a time I had this idea to do something called February Frenzy. This was basically a something-fannish-a-day challenge for the 28 days of February. I loved it then, and I loved NaNo last year, and I'm wondering ... should I try frenzying again this year? It's pretty flexible (I count it if I even write 50 words on a fic) so ... well, I have five days to decide?


Oh, and it's already the second day of CNY. So Happy Chinese New Year if you celebrate!

It's snowing!

Yes indeed, and while in theory this is a gorgeous thing (because yay, snow, also it's not too cold), in practice cycling through the snowfall is hard on the eyes, literally.

Still, there's something magical about watching it flutter down from the sky. Now if only it can continue tomorrow morning when I can actually see it illuminated by natural light as opposed to the street lamps, that would be nice.


I've decided I ought to actually use that Ao3 account I got to archive some of my better (or I should say, preferred) fics. It's useful in that the longer ones that I had to split into two to post can now be posted as a single one-shot as it was intended. (I mean this one, which is perhaps the longest one-shot I've ever written, clocking in at 14,205.) I'm also kind of proud of it and wish it got more love. But I'm pants at pimping out my own work. (Also I figure it's probably not as great as I hope it is. Oh well. I like writing it anyway.)

Speaking of writing, I'm getting little bits jotted down here and there. Only, you know, not on the actual things I'm meant to be writing. Funny how that works.


An alternate definition of AU

I'm really fussy about AUs--I'm one of those hardliners that define the term as an alternate universe that departs from a known point in canon.

Read more...Collapse )

Year-End Fic Meme!

It has been years since I could do this year-end meme. I'm rather thrilled to be able to reprise it again!

My Year in FanfictionCollapse )

Have yourself a Percy Jackson Christmas

My Christmas was pretty much spent baking. ♥

And it was Percy Jackson-themed!Collapse )
(Yeah, that song is stuck in my head.)

Happy Christmas everyone!

First order of my fandom day: posting my pjosecretsanta2016 gift fic. It's the first time I'm actually posting a full story to tumblr rather than linking it to somewhere else, and it's kind of weird. I still feel like tumblr isn't a very archive-y sort of place--I mean, I'm so used to LJ and having comments on the fic appear with the fic, and just submitting stuff that gets posted on the gift exchange blog rather than having it manually reblogged ... yeah, the reblogging thing still confuses me. But oh well. I'll probably cross-post after January 1, when the posting period officially ends. (Although technically there aren't rules against cross-posting. I'm just being pedantic.)

Anyway, I don't know if there are any PJO fans who come by here, but here's the story info anyway:

Title: A Winter's Tale
Rating: PG
Characters/Pairings: Percy Jackson/Annabeth Chase, Will Solace/Nico di Angelo, Thalia Grace, OCs
Word Count: 7,669

Summary: Christmas is a time of remembrance, of sharing, and of hope ... even for demigods. Percy and Annabeth celebrate Christmas with family, old friends, and the next generation of children. Set about 10-15 years after the end of Heroes of Olympus.


Meanwhile, there will be gifts to check out all week at PJOSecretSanta2016 (or just on the tag since apparently the actual appearance of gifts on the blog itself is dependent on whether the mod actually sees them?, and also, Yuletide!

I've already marked out the fandoms I want to check out.

Linked list for my own convenience.Collapse )

Plus I got a stack of e-books out of the library yesterday and figured out how to put them on my phone. I think I'm all set for my holiday reading!

Fantastic Beasts

I finally saw it! And I haven't time to review it properly, but I just want to say that I loved it and it was really great to be back in the magical world and just experience that joy of being immersed in Potterverse and a screen plot where I didn't actually know what's coming.

Also you'd think that after Dementors and snakes-emerging-from-old-ladies I'd have seen the scariest Potterverse had to offer, but no. For the first time in a HP movie I had to close my eyes because a scene was just too terrifying. And since the cut function doesn't seem available when posting on mobile, I won't spoil it by mentioning what, but gee I kind of wish I weren't the only one at home tonight after watching that ...


NaNo update

The good news--I've already hit the 25K mark.

The ... well, it's not bad news, more of paced news. I'm on chapter 7. Out of a planned 26, so I'm still doing well on the whole. I've been aiming for a chapter a day, so I'm on target with a bit of leeway.

Not bad for the first week!

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