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Have yourself a Percy Jackson Christmas

My Christmas was pretty much spent baking. ♥

And it was Percy Jackson-themed!Collapse )
(Yeah, that song is stuck in my head.)

Happy Christmas everyone!

First order of my fandom day: posting my pjosecretsanta2016 gift fic. It's the first time I'm actually posting a full story to tumblr rather than linking it to somewhere else, and it's kind of weird. I still feel like tumblr isn't a very archive-y sort of place--I mean, I'm so used to LJ and having comments on the fic appear with the fic, and just submitting stuff that gets posted on the gift exchange blog rather than having it manually reblogged ... yeah, the reblogging thing still confuses me. But oh well. I'll probably cross-post after January 1, when the posting period officially ends. (Although technically there aren't rules against cross-posting. I'm just being pedantic.)

Anyway, I don't know if there are any PJO fans who come by here, but here's the story info anyway:

Title: A Winter's Tale
Rating: PG
Characters/Pairings: Percy Jackson/Annabeth Chase, Will Solace/Nico di Angelo, Thalia Grace, OCs
Word Count: 7,669

Summary: Christmas is a time of remembrance, of sharing, and of hope ... even for demigods. Percy and Annabeth celebrate Christmas with family, old friends, and the next generation of children. Set about 10-15 years after the end of Heroes of Olympus.


Meanwhile, there will be gifts to check out all week at PJOSecretSanta2016 (or just on the tag since apparently the actual appearance of gifts on the blog itself is dependent on whether the mod actually sees them?, and also, Yuletide!

I've already marked out the fandoms I want to check out.

Linked list for my own convenience.Collapse )

Plus I got a stack of e-books out of the library yesterday and figured out how to put them on my phone. I think I'm all set for my holiday reading!

Fantastic Beasts

I finally saw it! And I haven't time to review it properly, but I just want to say that I loved it and it was really great to be back in the magical world and just experience that joy of being immersed in Potterverse and a screen plot where I didn't actually know what's coming.

Also you'd think that after Dementors and snakes-emerging-from-old-ladies I'd have seen the scariest Potterverse had to offer, but no. For the first time in a HP movie I had to close my eyes because a scene was just too terrifying. And since the cut function doesn't seem available when posting on mobile, I won't spoil it by mentioning what, but gee I kind of wish I weren't the only one at home tonight after watching that ...


NaNo update

The good news--I've already hit the 25K mark.

The ... well, it's not bad news, more of paced news. I'm on chapter 7. Out of a planned 26, so I'm still doing well on the whole. I've been aiming for a chapter a day, so I'm on target with a bit of leeway.

Not bad for the first week!

Writing too early and writing too late

Definitely off to a good start word-count wise on day 1. Between a full day at the office, so I'm pretty happy.

Basically, I got up at 5am to write (not on purpose ... my body clock still thinks I'm an hour ahead thanks to DST kicking in on Sunday, so I just thought, well, why not put that to use?) And then I really wanted to finish the chapter when I got home (at 9.30pm, boo) so I kept writing, and now it's almost 11pm and I seriously need to go to bed.


NaNo, tomorrow!

I'm really nervous because although I've got everything all plotted out, it's STARTING TIME. Also, it's the busiest day of my entire week. Go figure.

My target is 2,000 words a day. I don't know how well I'll be able to hit it on the first day alone, but hopefully I'll made a decent inroad over the course of the whole week!


Gearing up for NaNo

I don't know how often I'll actually end up posting here while I try to do NaNo while PhD-ing and doing my lab assistant work, but as long as I'm here now, here's my word counter (I think the link will work. Hope so, anyway!)


HP and the Cursed Child TONIGHT!

I am going to a midnight release party for the first time ever! Definitely not something I thought would ever happen, given that I only really got into the fandom after HBP, and when DH came out ... well, thanks to my previous time zone, '8am release' just doesn't have the same ring as midnight release.

I've heard all sorts of rumours and seen some spoilers about the Cursed Child script, so it will be interesting to see how it goes.

My friend Erica is all amused because I'm going to be up and interacting past midnight, which is rare for me (though this past week I've been sleeping waaaay past my bedtime ... I'll explain why in a minute). And so she's tickled by it.

My bedtime reading has been keeping me up ... I've been reading a next-gen fic series that's sort of in the vein of the original HP canon, only it's Albus Potter. It starts with this one, Albus Potter and the Global Revelation. I was surprised to like it so much, actually. It's not the typical fic I tend to like, especially as it springboards very hard off of canon, but it's immensely creative, manages to pull off a complicated plot pretty decently, and is well-written with a lot of effort put into characterisation, the narrative, and story development. Basically it's like a new world beyond the magical world, and done in a way that eased me in rather than bombarding me with all these things I usually would just roll my eyes at, so that by the time I realised hm, there's a bunch of things that should be over the top, I was already captivated by them. It's really fast-paced and a great ride, and luckily for me, I found this at a time when it's been completed up to halfway through the final 'book' in the series, so no WIP torture!

Anyway, it's something pretty good to sink your teeth into, if you want a nice plotty read.

One more survey!

The toughest thing about a MSc dissertation is participant gathering. Fortunately, I'm nearly at the end. Unfortunately, I seem to be hitting a wall with getting responses.

On the off chance that anyone is seeing this who has 10 minutes to spare to help out, here is my third and last survey:


Much thanks and cookies to you!

More dissertation help!

Eep, I can't believe I forgot to post this here!

I'm onto my second experiment for my dissertation, so if anyone lurking has 5-10 minutes, here's another little survey:




The UK is leaving the EU after all.

Colour me surprised ... I really thought it wouldn't happen, that we'd be too fond of status quo, but wow, looks like change is coming this way!

And speaking of change, now would probably be a good time for currency exchange ... always assuming the pound doesn't keep plummeting in the subsequent three-year period that I'll be here.


Public request for help

Not sure if anyone is actually following around here, but on the off chance I get some responses ...

This is the first of three surveys I'm doing as part of my Masters dissertation. If you have 15 minutes to spare to look at some food labels and answer questions ... please help!


HP reread with a twist

I thought it'd be good to have an index of sorts for the little project I've embarked on. I've done four so far, and I'm slowly churning out a fifth. Let's hope I make it through at least the first book!

This is a collection of writing based on a re-read of the Harry Potter series. I'll read one chapter and then write a little something that was inspired by the chapter. (Doesn't mean I won't bring in stuff from elsewhere in canon, I'm just using that chapter as a springboard.)

PS/SS - 14/17

PS/SSCollapse )
So yesterday I was musing about chapter-by-chapter ficcing. And I know it's bad timing and there's no one left to read, and it's been five years since I've written anything HP, not to mention before this year I didn't really write fic for about three years or so. But what the hell.

I reread the first chapter of PS/SS, and the question it left me with was ... how on earth did Minerva end up at Privet Drive all day?

It was the day after Hallowe'en. It's even given as a Tuesday, which I assume means there was meant to be lessons at Hogwarts. Now, it's been way too long so I can't for the life of me remember if the day after the Hallowe'en Feast is meant to be a holiday for the students, but I'm thinking it wasn't? So I decided to fic my attempt to figure this out. Except I couldn't really get her all the way to Privet Drive. But hey, it's a start at writing again. I'll take it!

Ficlet right over here: Rumours

I am so super rusty. And not that thrilled with the output, but if I do keep this up, it will be lots of ficlets, so I'll get back into the swing of it, right? Here's hoping, anyway.

100 Photos: A Photo a Day Challenge

Remember this?

{Take the 100 Things challenge!}

I have not given up on my 100 sailing things challenge, just that I need to put that on hold for a while. However, I wanted something else to post about, so here we go - shiny new idea!

These posts will be a lot more random, featuring one photo and a lot of rambling about the photo. It could be a picture of a book cover and include talk about the book. Or some interesting artefact and how I came about it. A screenshot from a show that I found compelling. I don't know, I'm not going to confine myself. But I think it'll sufficiently random and pain-free blogging!

Although I highly doubt it will be a continuous photo-a-day because I know better than to think I can manage to post for 100 days straight.

(I'm keeping this as a 'master page' for the sake of organisation and will pick my photos in another post. Also, this post is unlocked but actual challenge posts will stay flocked since I have a tendency to combine private stuff in posts as well as forget to un-default the lock status.)

Master listCollapse )
The title of this post probably has you flabbergasted. The rudder, along with the sails, is one of the things most landlubbers will recognise about a boat. This is the direction control, our 'steering wheel', so to speak. So I'm expecting the question running through your mind is how the hell do you steer the boat without a steering device?

(I demo-ed this for someone today, and they were certainly wondering how it was possible before I showed them.)

This is definitely a more advanced bit of sailing I'm explaining here, but I also think it's awesome fun.Collapse )


Take the 100 things challenge @ 100things_index!

Masterlist; Progress: 64/100


A replay of the Olympics opening ceremony is on TV at the moment. I'm waiting for Singapore to march in to see if I can spot my friends. I missed the first bit of the replay because I got home after it, though. Pity, I heard JKR gave a reading!

(Eep, just as I typed that there was a sudden crash of thunder. Eerie.)

ETA: Caught it! Saw Betsy just before the camera zoomed out, but I didn't spot my other friends. The commentator named them, though, and managed to mispronounce Colin's last name. Wtf is wrong with our media?! (It's a Singaporean channel and commentator.)
This is one of my favourite things to do when sailing. It is, fortunately, part of our training because we have to do it in racing. :)

I should specify, though - I think the reach with a spinnaker is cool when there's enough wind. If it's too light, it involves me crouching inside the boat or on the leeward deck, craning my neck under the main sail ... not quite so fun or cool any more.

Anyway, what's this about?Collapse )


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This is one thing that particularly sucks when you live in Singapore. The reason will become evident in a moment, but let me expain the basics first. When I say container packing, I'm talking about those big 20 to 40 foot containers that get trucked around and put on ships. They are how we get our boats from one country to another because aside from the fact that dinghies aren't exactly ocean-worthy, it would take forever to sail to a place even if they were.

Packing boats into the containers is, however, a tiring and sweaty job.Collapse )


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