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Oct. 31st, 2034

Hello! This here is my personal LJ. If you're looking for my writing, you probably want shiikifics, where I keep all my fic and recs. Fic I post here will all link back there anyway. However, I do post some unpolished drabbles and unfinished stuff over here from time to time, so if that's your cup of tea, welcome! I love to interact with readers, so don't be afraid to leave a comment on anything at all!

My fandom-related posts are mostly public, though I do flock stuff that might be a bit personal. If you do indeed want to see those and get to know me better ... well, howdy! Drop me a comment here letting me know who you are and that you'd like to friend me. (Don't worry, I don't bite, and comments will be screened for this post for the sake of your privacy.)

The Burning Maze reaction post part 1

I'm doing this for my forum group read with some other fans, but why not. It'll be fun to look back on in the future, I'm sure.

Basically just reacting throughout the book as I read it. :)

I guess it goes without saying that spoilers lie herein.Collapse )

Renegades review (and some PJO stuff)

About three weeks ago my hold on the e-book for Renegades by Marissa Meyer came through from the library (and its one of those where I have to check it out right off or I’d have to wait again for the next round) so I checked it out even though I was too insanely busy between school/work and drafting my DoW fic at the time. But since I completed my crappy first draft and got through my presentation today I treated myself to the book. And blew through it in a day, naturally.

“RenegadeCollapse )

I also found the short story Percy Jackson and the Singer of Apollo and that was a nice fun read. “StoryCollapse )

Finally watched Coco!

I had movie night at Tania and Achilleas’s place today—I’m not sure if I mentioned this before, but they’re fellow students in my department and we get together maybe once a month or so to just chill at their place and catch a movie.

The last few times I watched all three Back to the Futures because Tania couldn’t believe I hadn’t seen them (and couldn’t let that continue). Today it was Coco. And oh boy, that was a complete sob fest. It’s one of those movies that just build the emotions bit by bit so that at the crucial moment, they just break over you like a flood.

But I like crying over movies and books (maybe because it’s a safe emotional outlet you know? And I guess it’s important to have those, especially when dealing with emotions in real life situations is so stressful and painful for me.) So I loved Coco.

And I don’t know if it’s because I’ve been writing long fic so much more now, but I’ve got loads better at guessing the plot twists before they happen.

“CutCollapse )
Signs that you're at the toughest part of the paper:

1. Opening the file feels like a chore in itself
2. You feel the need to find a new procrastination tool every second sentence
3. You actually find a procrastination tool at the end of every sentence (never mind getting through another one)
4. Each phrase you put down gets deleted because MEH NONE OF THIS IS MAKING ANY SENSE

And so it continues.

(Sorry, this is just a short entry brought to you by my inability to concentrate on my paper revisions despite the fact that I desperately need to.)

For the fandom-y people ...

Stolen from author_by_night.

how about we do that thing where you give me a show/movie/fandom and I’ll tell you:

my favorite female character
my favorite male character
my favorite book/season/etc
my favorite episode (if its a tv show)
my favorite cast member
my favorite ship
a character I’d die defending
a character I just can’t sympathize with
a character I grew to love
my anti otp

I have opinions on practically every book I've read so I'm not going to list them all (if I don't know it I'll just take a rain check until I read it?) Shows/movies-wise, I know CCS, HTTYD, Grey's Anatomy, Modern Family, Ugly Betty, and I guess most animated films.


I have a plot!

It's patchy and full of holes, but I've finally worked out the rough structure of my fifth DoW fic. Most likely things will continue to change--especially as I'm not entirely happy with some of the sequencing, and feel like the theme hasn't been carried through well enough, but hey, this is the super-skeletal plot outline. I'll take what I can, especially since my muse has been a bit sluggish the past month.

Also is it nuts that I have a printed map of Manhattan on which I'm marking out the various places where the battles took place? Because it was really hard to move back and forth on Google maps. Though I did realise that apparently Percy and Annabeth took a huge detour down to Battery Park because Broadway does not extend between the Empire State Building and the southern tip of the island. Hmmmm.

Old nano meme.

So I realised I never really completed that 30 day NaNo question meme … oops?

Day 26 - Was any research involved (historical or otherwise) in your NaNo prep?

So, so much. I researched everything from the Labyrinth myth to event locations and architectural terms. And how old one has to be to get a flight license, lol.

I love, love, love fic research. It's a great way to pick up random trivia that you wouldn't otherwise learn because you wouldn't normally be interested in that stuff.

Day 27 - What’s your word count now? Are you satisfied with your progress or panicked that you won’t have enough time to finish by November 30?

Eh, well, I updated along the way, but I signed off at 105,436, so a crazy-ass win. :)

Day 28 - Name one thing you shafted all month in favor of participating in NaNo.

Hm. The funny thing is, I didn't really shaft a great deal, as I pretty much wrote throughout my data collection. During which I wouldn't have been able to do much work anyway. I mean, I suppose I could have written up other stuff (though it's hard to do that pen-on-paper for academic writing for some reason) or read a book like I was doing just before NaNo. And I definitely put editing my other fic on hold while I did NaNo. But I didn't feel like any of that stuff got 'shafted'.

Day 29 - Name one thing in which you indulged as a treat to keep yourself motivated and writing that you wouldn’t otherwise have done.

Another funny thing—writing was my treat, a real escape from the nightmare that is data collection.

Day 30 - Share a link to either your NaNo profile or a location on the internet where your story can be found. If someone offered to beta read for you, would you be willing to do the same for them during the subsequent editing process?

My NaNo profile is here. I've done a first-round edit of my fic already to get the plot straight, but I'll have to come back to it again at some point (probably after I'm good and done with the one I'm polishing up now).

Sure, I don't mind beta-reading even when it isn't an exchange of services.

Prophecy analysis

Did this on tumblr but I thought I'd share here, although I think only honeymink will enjoy it. But anyway. Since the sneak preview of The Burning Maze is now floating about (which I have not read, so no spoilers in this post), I thought I’d go back to where we left off in The Dark Prophecy and, well, have a look at the dark prophecy itself, and have some fun guessing at what might be coming our way.

I’ll probably be way off (I’m always pants at this sort of thing) but hey, I’m happy enough to be proven wrong.

Read more...Collapse )

It's too cold for this shit

It's definitely bad when I'm cycling back in three layers and feeling cold. I mean, usually if I'm wearing that much on my cycle home I'll at least heat up to comfortably warm, even if I don't break a sweat.

The weather app says 5º but I'm calling BS. Winter needs to be over ASAP please.

In other news, my friend from home and I were randomly chatting over whatsapp and had this idea that we should try and 'read' a book together by basically reading chapters to each other. So, like she can read chapter 1 out loud and record it so I get to read an audiobook chapter, then I take over for chapter 2, and back and forth like that.

She hasn't chosen a book though, but I really want to try this. Anyone up for something like this and have a want-to-read book in mind? (Or even a chapterfic, I'm not fussy.)

Spreading holiday cheer

Spreading the word about seasonsgivings, which is a pretty cool idea by ghosts! Basically (if I've understood it right) you just sign up with a wishlist of stuff you enjoy and you might get people leaving a present under your 'tree'!

I'm still debating about signing up because I'm shy about asking people to send me things, but I have it bookmarked so if there's something I can do for someone's stocking I'll give it a go!

The sign-ups are here

Audience participation meme!

Snagged from monkiainen.

Pick a number and ask away!

Ask me memeCollapse )


Random unrelated grumble. I hate the part of winter that involves finishing breakfast before the sun gets up. (It's rising around 8 and setting before 4 at this time of the year. Definitely a pain.)

Christmas giftfics offer!

I had this on all my ficcy places and thought I'd just offer round here as well.

I am offering giftfics for Christmas!

So here's how this works: if you would like to receive a mini ficlet for Christmas/New Year (or whatever holiday you celebrate, or if you don't celebrate anything, fun free present!) send a request my way.

Here's what to leave in the request:

(Stuff I need to know)

Characters: [list the characters you want in the ficlet, 1-3 works best; bear in mind that more than that can be pretty tough to pull off in a short ficlet!]
Prompt: [this can be anything from a specific scenario you'd like to see (e.g. 'Character A and Character B visit an aquarium and adopt a pet fish') to a few lines you want included in a fic (e.g. some dialogue), or just a few prompt words (e.g. 'silver', 'rainbows', 'waves' etc. etc.) ... basically something I can use for inspiration]*

(Optional stuff)

Pairings: [if you want shipfic, give a pairing; otherwise, I'll probably make it genfic or background canon pairings]*
Squicks: [stuff you really don't like to read about so I can avoid putting it in]
Rating: [max rating you're comfortable with]**
Fandom: [It will probably be obvious from the characters given, but in case there are characters that have the same name in different fandoms, feel free to make it clear (e.g. Percy Jackson vs. Percy Weasley) And yes, I am happy to do different fandoms/crossovers as long as it is something I know. A non-exhaustive list is below, but if there's something you'd like that you don't know if I've read, just ask. Maybe I've forgotten it]

*Note-I'm really bad at writing pairings that contradict canon pairings, so although I'm not going to say no to those because hey, challenge! ... if you want something non-canonical, prepare to have it turn out not exactly as you expected (i.e. short on the romance).

**Another note-I will not write anything above a M rating, sorry.

And that's it! Gift ficlets will probably be around 500 words (any longer depends on the muse).

Fandoms/works I'm familiar with (alphabetical order, ones I have most experience with in bold)*:Collapse )

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