shiiki (shiiki) wrote,

Hello! This here is my personal LJ. If you're looking for my writing, you probably want shiikifics, where I keep all my fic and recs. Fic I post here will all link back there anyway. However, I do post some unpolished drabbles and unfinished stuff over here from time to time, so if that's your cup of tea, welcome! I love to interact with readers, so don't be afraid to leave a comment on anything at all!

My fandom-related posts are mostly public, though I do flock stuff that might be a bit personal. If you do indeed want to see those and get to know me better ... well, howdy! Drop me a comment here letting me know who you are and that you'd like to friend me. (Don't worry, I don't bite, and comments will be screened for this post for the sake of your privacy.)

Tags: announcements
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