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The year end fic meme

Fics Written This Year —
1. The Great Prophecy (PJO; Annabeth, Gen)

2. A Blue Secret (PJO; Percy/Annabeth)

3. The Golden Fleece (PJO; Annabeth, Gen)

4. Fantastic Breads (HP/FBaWtFT; Jacob/Queenie)

5. Nightmares (PJO; Hazel, Piper, Annabeth, Gen)

6. Leo Valdez, Truant Supreme (PJO; Leo, Gen)

7. Quest (PJO; Annabeth, Gen)

8. Grey's Anatomy AU (PJO; Percy/Annabeth, Luke/Annabeth) *I'm just putting it here though I have no idea if this is a one-shot or a two-parter or a WIP because I don't have definitely plans for it but it got written and posted on tumblr, so hey. Here we are.

9. The Curse of Lethe (PJO; Percy/Annabeth, Will/Nico, Thalia/Reyna)

10. The Origin of Blue Foods (PJO; Sally, Gen)

11. The Best Underwater Proposal (PJO; Percy/Annabeth)

12. The Evolution of Hydras (PJO; Paul, Percy, Gen)

13. Horse Play (PJO; Percy, Jason, Gen)

14. Rescue Mission (PJO; Thalia/Reyna, Frank/Hazel, Jason/Piper, Leo/Calypso)

15. The Silent Goddess (PJO; Reyna, Gen)

16. The Talk (PJO; Will/Nico, Reyna, Hazel)

17. Home (PJO; Percy/Annabeth)

18. Never Have I Ever (PJO; Percy, full cast, Gen)

19. Children of the Underworld (PJO; Hazel, Nico, Gen)

20. Christmas Carols (PJO; Will/Nico)

21. Happy Birthday, Have A Zombie! (PJO; Nico, Hades, Jules-Albert, Gen)

22. Poetry (MCGA/ToA; Magnus, Jack, Apollo, Gen)

23. Five Things Percy Does Better Than Annabeth (PJO; Percy/Annabeth)


1. Changeling (HP; Petunia, Gen)

2. Home for the Holidays (HP; Grangers, Gen)

3. Warning (HP; Neville, Gen)

4. A Trip to the Ocean (PJO; Sally, Percy, Gen)

5. Ice Skating (PJO; Leo/Calypso)

6. Never Argue With Annabeth (PJO; Percy/Annabeth)


1. Pretences (HP; Petunia/Vernon)


1. The Necklace of Harmonia (first draft written, but I'm still editing and nothing will get posted until January, so it will be a 2018 work)

2. The Impossible Maze (ditto—this was this year's NaNo fic, and is queued for editing after NoH)

3. Seasons of Change (I should count how many years this got left in the works. It's existed for 10 years now in the WIP folder and still isn't anywhere near getting finished. Or even halfway. Or even, you know, past the first few chapters.)

4. Something called cafe AU or coffeeshop AU depending on my mood, and basically is the outline for what could be a Big Bang fic if they do it again next year. Along with a few lines written in here and there.

5. A Bianca fic that is likewise outlined and has part of a chapter written, but I'm not sure whether I'll get inspiration to write it all out.

6. A Reyna/Thalia fic in the CoL-verse that's like, 90% written except I don't know how to end it.

7. Something that in my notes is Will/May Castellan fic but is not actually shipping them, just involving the two characters. And Nico.

8. The aforementioned Grey's Anatomy AU, for which a third part is 80% written and I never got towards an ending.

9. The last of the DoW series, which is pretty much now a skeleton missing its head, and random cut scenes from TIM

10. A piece of pure angst that was supposed to be one of my request fics except I ended up working around the actual prompt filling in the backdrop and not actually arriving at the prompt. I was probably about 2K words in when I decided this was way too deviated from the request and took another crack at it from another direction. But this might get finished off in a different way after all. Just not this year.

11. Something original! *gasp*—An opening paragraph for what could possibly be a NaNo project next year. We'll see.

12. The untitled MoA missing moment that is still in my notebook *facepalm*

13. My phone has two documents that are weird PJO ideas that sort of have a line written on each one, but isn't really in existence, so I don't know whether to count these as WIPs?

14. Two old fic drafts from 2015 based on the Partials series by Dan Wells—a fluffy Samm/Kira thing and a post-series thing, neither of which ever got any further than a few hundred words in.

15. Something I recently found in my notes that was a plot for a THG fic called Inferno, that is basically the Quarter Quell from the other district tributes' PoV, and I'd written Seeder's section but nothing else.

No. of Fics (> 1,000): 23

No. of Ficlets (300-1,000): 6

No. of Drabbles (< 300): 1

WiPs worked on this year: 11 (I'm not counting the ones that have sat there untouched for the whole year)

Altogether: 30. But of those, I have a whopping 23 fics of one-shot or greater length this time, so I'm guessing this is the most prolific year yet word-count wise. (I mean, TGF and CoL were nearly 200K words to begin with, and let's not forget NoH and TIM—the latter clocks in at 106K+, and I never counted NoH, but I suspect it's actually longer).

Pairing written most often: I don't even have to look to know this is going to be Percy/Annabeth. And yup, 7 times. But I still have 17 gen fics, so nice to know I haven't diverted from my genfic leanings.

Character written most often: Again, offhand it would definitely be Annabeth. (She's appeared in pretty much all my PJO fic.) But when I went to count, it's actually Percy. But then, if we're talking chapters in big massive multi-chapter projects, the prize should belong to Annabeth.

My favourite fan fic this year:
Written by me: It's got to be Curse of Lethe, hands down. This was such a rush. One of those fics that actually had plot, and plot I was particularly proud of, and didn't depend on any canon events at all. I felt like a real writer doing this one.

Read: Sooo I feel like I didn't read that much new stuff this year. I have a ton on my to-read list that I keep meaning to get to after I finish my writing projects, only my writing projects keep piling up and I never get to the to-be-read list. And when I did read stuff, it was actually novels for once! (And with this I would recommend the Lunar Chronicles big time! Except it's not fanfic.) I looked back at my rec list and the last entry there was a fic I read at the end of last year when I was travelling at Christmas. So this year … there is nothing. Oops. Do better next year, shiiki!

My best fan fic this year: The Curse of Lethe. I really am proud of this, and I do think it's good, even if it didn't get that great a reception in the Big Bang. I guess my style/niche area isn't necessarily what fandom is looking for. But I set out to write something I wanted to read, and I am so, so proud of how it turned out, and I really don't say that lightly.

Most fun writing: Oh gosh. I want to say say CoL again, because I loved writing it so much, but maybe fun is not the best word considering how much I put the poor characters through! I had loads of fun with Horse Play, which kind of took a wacky turn (and it was a giftfic I signed up to write, so that's always interesting in how the request becomes reality). I think maybe Rescue Mission was another super fun one, because it's still CoL, but the low-stress, spinning out more of my own universe part of it.

Sexiest fic: The Grey's Anatomy AU is the only one that really touches on sex (and it's mostly fade-to-black) but I wouldn't call it sexy as it was a seriously messed up relationship. I think the prize for this one might go to Never Argue With Annabeth. Or The Best Underwater Proposal.

Story that shifted my own perceptions of the characters: CoL is like that multiple-nominations fic this year. It's definitely one that got me really thinking about the other characters I set out to write. They didn't even begin having so much of a role, but then I got to know Nico, and Will, and Thalia, and especially Reyna. For a character who was never even planned to have an appearance in the fic, Reyna sure took me (and the fic) by storm!

Hardest fic to write: All the unfinished WIPs The Talk. It was a prompt request, so I did my best to fit everything in, but it was a real challenge because I felt like it was hard to justify the main premise of the prompt (which, being the prompt, I couldn't exactly get around) so I had to come at it from several different angles before I finally found one that worked. I tried a lot of openings out for size on this one.

Biggest disappointment: In terms of reception … I was kind of hoping more people might like CoL, after all the effort I put into it and how pleased I was at how it turned out. But ah well. I'm resigned to just not being people's cup of tea. I'm happy enough that there were a handful of people who did get excited about it and were kind enough to leave lovely comments about it. (I try so hard not to be jealous about the fic out there that get everyone's attention despite the grammar errors, but that's just the state of the literary world in general, isn't it? Well, maybe not the grammar issues, but popular fiction often isn't what I'd call good writing.) Honestly, it's hard to look at my own stuff and decide, am I a good writer or not? It's probably best not to even think about the question and just keep writing stuff I (and hopefully some others) want to read! But I digress. In terms of the way the fic turned out … I don't know. I won't say anything is exactly disappointing; I'm generally happy with what I managed to come up with this year. Maybe The Silent Goddess—I wanted a bit more out of that, but it wasn't really happening. And I guess the gift exchange participants picked up on it too, since it was quite poorly received over there.

Most telling fic: CoL definitely got closer to my 'normal' style. (I keep having to think about phrasing with the first-person Annabeth narrative, to bring her more in line with Riordan's teenage America voice.) Seriously, that thing is my baby.

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