shiiki (shiiki) wrote,

It's too cold for this shit

It's definitely bad when I'm cycling back in three layers and feeling cold. I mean, usually if I'm wearing that much on my cycle home I'll at least heat up to comfortably warm, even if I don't break a sweat.

The weather app says 5º but I'm calling BS. Winter needs to be over ASAP please.

In other news, my friend from home and I were randomly chatting over whatsapp and had this idea that we should try and 'read' a book together by basically reading chapters to each other. So, like she can read chapter 1 out loud and record it so I get to read an audiobook chapter, then I take over for chapter 2, and back and forth like that.

She hasn't chosen a book though, but I really want to try this. Anyone up for something like this and have a want-to-read book in mind? (Or even a chapterfic, I'm not fussy.)
Tags: audiobooks, cold grumbles, project read-aloud, randomness, reading, weather
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