shiiki (shiiki) wrote,

I have a plot!

It's patchy and full of holes, but I've finally worked out the rough structure of my fifth DoW fic. Most likely things will continue to change--especially as I'm not entirely happy with some of the sequencing, and feel like the theme hasn't been carried through well enough, but hey, this is the super-skeletal plot outline. I'll take what I can, especially since my muse has been a bit sluggish the past month.

Also is it nuts that I have a printed map of Manhattan on which I'm marking out the various places where the battles took place? Because it was really hard to move back and forth on Google maps. Though I did realise that apparently Percy and Annabeth took a huge detour down to Battery Park because Broadway does not extend between the Empire State Building and the southern tip of the island. Hmmmm.
Tags: dow, little miss muse, pjo, writing, writing plans
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