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Aaand the slightly late year-end fic round up.

Fics Written This Year --

1. The Necklace of Harmonia (PJO; Annabeth, Gen)

2. Domesticity (PJO; Percy/Annabeth)

3. Wedding Planning (PJO; Percy/Annabeth)

4. Sister of the Hero (PJO; Thalia, Gen)

5. A Demigod's Life (PJO; Percy/Annabeth)

6. Pieces of a Life (PJO; Reyna, Gen)

7. Vacations (PJO; Thalia/Reyna)

8. Second Chances (PJO; Nico, Gen)

9. Roads to Recovery (PJO; Will/Nico)

10. The Impossible Maze (PJO; Annabeth, Gen)

(I'm counting this as written because it's in the works posting-wise but more that 75% complete.)

11. Recruitment (PJO; Thalia, Luke, Annabeth, Gen)


1. Twins (PJO; Percy/Annabeth)

2. Real (Partials: Samm/Kira)


1. A Thousand Years

WiPs (plenty of this is just reprising last year's list ...)

1. The Final Sacrifice (the last installment of DoW ... a draft that needs major editing)

2. Seasons of Change (yeah, this may be permanently in the WIP folder ... 11th year on now.)

3. Cafe AU—yup, still there.

4. Bianca's fic—now has four chapters drafted, but definitely within WIP status.

5. Grey's Anatomy AU—it's advanced to about four chapters but the fourth is a rough draft and the rest is in skeleton outlines.

6. My NaNo project! I'm writing it as an in-Singapore 'NaNo' project as I knew I'd not be able to manage in November. And I'm here for pretty much bang on 30 days, so well, good timing. Anyway, I'm about 34K words in, with 10 days to go, so doing well. Except I haven't even got to the midpoint of my plot outline ...

7. The untitled MoA missing moment that is still in my notebook *facepalm* <— exactly as I said last year.

8. The two documents on my phone that were ideas are still there as well.

9. Something I recently found in my notes that was a plot for a THG fic called Inferno, that is basically the Quarter Quell from the other district tributes' PoV, and I'd written Seeder's section but nothing else. <— this hasn't changed either.

10. A spin-off from TFS that is meant to be called The Golden Mango, that I really hope I can finish in time to be posted before I intend to start TFS.

11. Another TFS spin-off (actually, there's four)—this one is kind of a prequel that didn't make it into the actual long fic, but has a vague plot idea but about 500 words of writing, so it's another big question mark as to whether I'll finish it in time.

12. The third TFS spin-off will probably get written since it's mostly drafted as backstory I needed for TFS itself. I have a working title, but won't share it as it basically is a spoiler for the main fic.

13. And the fourth spin-off started as a chapter draft for TFS but didn't work at all, but tells a story within canon so I'll probably work that up into its own one-shot when we get there.

No. of Fics (> 1,000): 11

No. of Ficlets (300-1,000): 2

No. of Drabbles (< 300): 1

WiPs worked on this year: I finished 6 of last year's WIPs, advanced 5 of the others, and started off 4 more. Good 'nuff.

Altogether: 14 (Sounds very little, but two are 100K + fics, so by word count it's still plenty prolific!)

Pairing written most often: I don't even need to look this up to know it's probably Percy/Annabeth. BUT I have 6 genfics out of the 14, so I think gen still takes the cake.

Character written most often: Annabeth (this one I'm not even going to bother checking).

My favourite fan fic this year:
Written by me: Hands-down, The Necklace of Harmonia. It's special to me because this is the fic that really took off for me, the one where plotting and narrative and structure just finally clicked. Although a lot of that work was done in 2017, the polished 'masterpiece' was definitely worked out this year.

Read: Another year with very little fanfic reading, but at the start of the year, I did read this amazing story by Eternal_State_of_Voorpret (the rec page is here) called Seasons Change And Trees Lose Their Leaves, and it's the exact kind of backstory/character exploration fic full of canon-worthy detail that I come into fandom for.

My best fan fic this year: In terms of popularity, I think The Impossible Maze, and I am indeed proud of some of the stuff I've managed in that one (and the risks I decided to take with the storyline). It's probably a slightly tighter piece than NoH as well, since I was more hemmed in with the storyline and not trying to craft an entirely different one to coincide with the existing canon narrative. But ... NoH really still is my baby and I want to say it's the best.

Most fun writing: Individual chapters of NoH and TIM, definitely; the Percy-IM-at-an-unfortunate-moment scene is one I still laugh over, and the Rachel-Annabeth-Percy triangle was hilariously fun. As a full fic, I think it might be Domesticity, as that was pretty much a fun birthday present to myself in a sort of write in the humour that occurs to me way.

Sexiest fic: I actually wrote something I felt needed to be age-locked this year!! (For sexual content as opposed to innuendo/dark themes, that is.) A Demigod's Life should fit the bill, though I think it's more explicit than racy given the theme and the actual event they were dealing with in the fic.

Story that shifted my own perceptions of the characters: Piece of a Life and the research that went into it made me think a lot more about—most interestingly—the character that was absent in the fic (yet a central point of it). Ironically, the death of Jason Grace got me writing fic that illuminated him more to me.

Hardest fic to write: At the moment, it's the NaNo fic as it's full of plot holes and I need to keep saying, just write bloody words and stop caring about the quality. It's hard when I know it's awful, though! Of the finished stuff, Recruitment took some work, as I struggled through it during a writing dry spell.

Biggest disappointment: The two TFS spin-offs that I couldn't seem to get off the road during the year—but the disappointment is in not finishing them rather than the writing actually being a disappointment.

Most telling fic: I think the DoW series is quickly becoming my 'trademark' in the PJO side of things. So I guess NoH and TIM would be the ones that most scream 'shiiki!' right now.
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