Christmas giftfics offer!

I had this on all my ficcy places and thought I'd just offer round here as well.

I am offering giftfics for Christmas!

So here's how this works: if you would like to receive a mini ficlet for Christmas/New Year (or whatever holiday you celebrate, or if you don't celebrate anything, fun free present!) send a request my way.

Here's what to leave in the request:

(Stuff I need to know)

Characters: [list the characters you want in the ficlet, 1-3 works best; bear in mind that more than that can be pretty tough to pull off in a short ficlet!]
Prompt: [this can be anything from a specific scenario you'd like to see (e.g. 'Character A and Character B visit an aquarium and adopt a pet fish') to a few lines you want included in a fic (e.g. some dialogue), or just a few prompt words (e.g. 'silver', 'rainbows', 'waves' etc. etc.) ... basically something I can use for inspiration]*

(Optional stuff)

Pairings: [if you want shipfic, give a pairing; otherwise, I'll probably make it genfic or background canon pairings]*
Squicks: [stuff you really don't like to read about so I can avoid putting it in]
Rating: [max rating you're comfortable with]**
Fandom: [It will probably be obvious from the characters given, but in case there are characters that have the same name in different fandoms, feel free to make it clear (e.g. Percy Jackson vs. Percy Weasley) And yes, I am happy to do different fandoms/crossovers as long as it is something I know. A non-exhaustive list is below, but if there's something you'd like that you don't know if I've read, just ask. Maybe I've forgotten it]

*Note-I'm really bad at writing pairings that contradict canon pairings, so although I'm not going to say no to those because hey, challenge! ... if you want something non-canonical, prepare to have it turn out not exactly as you expected (i.e. short on the romance).

**Another note-I will not write anything above a M rating, sorry.

And that's it! Gift ficlets will probably be around 500 words (any longer depends on the muse).

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And it's a wrap!

Clocking in at 105,436. Not counting the 6K+ of cut scenes that I shoved into another file and didn't enter as part of the word count. Definitely succeeded beyond my wildest expectations.

It's all thanks to the data collection schedule. Seriously, it just gave me so much time to write while still doing work. I don't think it's really something repeatable, but hey, just for this year it actually worked!

Anyway, I'm just going to chuck my pretty banners here under the cut, for posterity. :)

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Writing research question

So, there's a question about a fictional character that is bugging me. Basically:

How likely would it be that a kid with dyslexia would voluntarily keep a written diary?

I'm thinking that difficulties with reading (and writing) wouldn't make someone super keen to pen down their thoughts or experiences, and they would want to go for different means of expression.

But I also know my knowledge of dyslexia comes purely from an academic/theoretical standpoint, which is to say causes and manifestations and not so much what the actual experience is. And I get that this is super ivory-tower thinking. So if anyone knows more about this and can weigh in ... please educate me! :)

NaNo Day 4

Still going real well. :)

I'm feeling all written out at the moment, though, probably since I basically spent pretty much the whole day NaNo-ing. (Like solid, just focusing on writing and nothing else.) I'm looking at my chapter outline for chapter 9 and going ... er ...

So hopefully the well will refill after a good night's sleep, because while I'm pretty confident at this point on reaching the word target, the story completion target is another matter.

It may be slower going tomorrow, as I have a church lunch happening after service.

Also, I have already wrote myself into several plot holes that need to be fixed later. And I thought up a whole rewrite for a chapter I did this morning while I was out on an afternoon run, so I made a list of notes for things that will have to end up fixed.


Let me just tackle one more of these meme questions since this one is super easy.

Day 25 - What are the names of at least two of your main characters? How did you choose their names?

Annabeth and Percy. This meme really isn't set up for a fanfic project is it? *g*

NaNo Day 2

Still going strong. Although today's chapters were almost all written pen-on-paper so my word count is just a rough estimate.

Already I need a new notebook (I have an A6 so I'm burning through it pretty quick). Someone abandoned a blank one in our office, though, so I guess that's it now!

Also, I was lazy to write through dinner so I scrolled through the flist instead and found this:

come join the party ( ! ) multi-fandom friending meme here

Maybe I'm crazy for doing this during NaNo, but I found two PJO fans almost right away when I looked at the comments. PJO fans! On LJ! Am I crazy for hoping they like me? *is a dork*

NaNo Day 1

It's begun! And off to a great start!

It's good to see my plan to write between (and during) participants is working out just fine. It makes the time go by quicker as well, with those minutes now spent writing instead of twiddling my thumbs or rereading my book or (ugh) attempting to prepare for my interview next week (yeah, I know that's probably more important than NaNo-ing, but there isn't quite a sense of achievement!) It just means I do a load of 10-minutes word sprints when my participants are completing the experiment. And then 20-30 minute ones between participants. Repeat x6-7 throughout the day, and up goes the word count.

More than the word count, I'm super happy that I've got through 3 chapters on my plot outline. That puts me well on my goal to actually finish the story, 50K or not (it's so going to be more for the full story).

But we'll see if I can actually keep up the pace. As for what kind of quality is coming out ... well, I'll worry about that one later, right?

This morning was kind of crazy though, because the eye-tracker I use for testing had been unplugged and I hadn't realised, so I was panicking inside when the computer threw me a hardware error. (And at a quarter to 9, the technicians weren't in yet.) I figured I'd set up the upstairs room as it had only been booked for 10am (the perks of starting real early!) And then in the end, my participant was a no show. Grr, I really hate those, though this was my first 9am no-show, funnily enough. It's actually been the late afternoon sign-ups that have been problematic. I just cannot understand why people think it's acceptable to sign up for things and then not turn up without a word/call/email. Like, even if you tell me five minutes before, at least I will know I don't have to stand there waiting for you.


I've also forgot to mention I had a dinner party (well, four guests, that's party enough for me) on Saturday that actually ran until 11pm. I can't believe we just kept the conversation going for 5 hours. That's kind of insane. But I'm happy we all got along so well! Anyway, that was my little nod to Hallowe'en. It's really only special to me because of HP, but that's good enough reason to celebrate a holiday, IMO!

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I'm never going to finish this meme before I start NaNo-ing (it's tomorrow after all!) but I suppose I'll just pick up the last couple of questions after. Or during, if I actually have time. (I'm in that ahhhhh it's starting stage right now and trying not to freak out over whether I'll manage.)

Day 24 - Is religion featured in your novel at all? If so, which ones? If it’s/they’re your own creations, describe it/them and how it/they play(s) a part in your characters’ lives

The entire story is sort of based on ancient religion (I mean, Greek gods and goddesses in the modern age?) so I guess? I love that I get to play with all the different stories in the ancient Greek pantheon--it's a total treasure trove of adventures and tropes, and I like that writing in this fandom exposes me to even more archetypes that I could play with in future in (hopefully) original work.

But as far as spiritual religion and beliefs and that sort of thing ... it's not really a big thing.

(no subject)

Day 23 - Do animals play any part in your story? If so, how do they add to it?

Do mythical creatures count? Part of the fun writing in PJO is bringing in monsters to play. There's definitely going to be the canon-related ones, but also some fun new ones as well. But they won't have a more significant role than being part of the 'bad guys' cast.

Sometimes the first step to getting writing done is just to open the damn file.

And that applies this morning to the paper I plan to work on today between participants. But it probably will be an important NaNo note to self as well!

I'm also going to try and pen my novel summary (seriously, writing those things before writing the fic is just weird. Like I said yesterday ... who writes an abstract before the paper?) during the experiment. It'll be good practice just to see if I can actually write on the go when November actually hits.

And here's the next NaNo question:

Day 22 - If you’ve participated in or won NaNo before, what happened to your other novel efforts? Still in the revision process/querying publishers/scrapped it immediately/etc.

The fic I wrote last year is actually a prequel to this one! (Well, it's #2 in the series, and this one's #4 ... #3 is currently in editing stages.) And it's posted here. (And also on ff.net and Ao3.)

I would like to see if I could handle an original and attempt publishing. Maybe next year I'll actually have a plot with my own characters.

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(no subject)

I updated my NaNo page to include my project for this year! Now I just need to think of a synopsis. I already have the fic outline and all that, but a summary? It's kind of like an abstract, I guess. The last thing you write!

Day 21 - With about 10 days left to this arguably traumatic experience, what are your plans and goals for your novel, should you successfully complete it?

(Obviously this is meant to be done during NaNo, but who on earth can have the time to NaNo and do a 30-day meme?)

Anyway, my plan is pretty much write it, edit it, and post it. What else would you do with fanfic? :P