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here where the daylight begins

If you'd like to friend shiiki, say hi at this post! She likes to know who's reading.

(Also, if you already know me in real life, you should read this post.)

So, I'm really bad at this bio thing because I can never figure out where to start. How about random discussion of topics that feature most prominently on my LJ, so you know what you're getting into?

Books, Reading, and Writing

I have multiple tags for books, reading, writing, and also editing, which just says that I post enough about this topic for me to organise them into sub-categories. I love to read. I can't tell you what genre I'm particularly fond of - it depends on mood and phase. I love books with feisty heroines, sweet and kind guys, strong friendships, characters with detailed histories and backstories, and happy, sometimes bittersweet endings. Plot is important. Plot twists are ♥ when they are set up properly and don't just come out of left field. (The Sirius Black twist in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban is one of my favourites of all time; the one in The Da Vinci Code I hated.)

My writing is mostly fanfiction (which you can find at shiikifics); I have done the occasional original piece at pulped_fictions but most of my original stuff I don't post. I've done a few forays into article-writing (earning some cash doesn't hurt!) but I truly hate the interviewing people part. And of course, academic writing, which is the bulk of my life now.


I used to be a lot more heavily involved in fandom - I was a beta reader and administrator at Checkmated and technically I still hold the position but I'm not very active any more. It is still an awesome site, though, and through it I met so many lovely people for which I will always be grateful. From 2006-2009 I also did lots of fic challenges, exchanges, and prompt writing - again, let me direct you to shiikifics. I was primarily involved in the Harry Potter fandom, but I dabbled occasionally in Twilight and other minor series fandoms. Currently I'm falling in love with the Percy Jackson series and have started writing again in that fandom.


I don't discuss it all that much, but I love good melodies with good vocals and good accompaniment. Vienna Teng owns my musical soul, and she is the only artist I can profess to wanting to hear live. As for my other music, it's a mishmash of whimsical, old, upbeat, sorrowful, and just plain loud. (The latter isn't my usual, but it's great when you need to make yourself run/row/cycle faster in training.) I'm a big fan of the music from Grey's Anatomy, which always has at least one song almost every episode that fits my musical desires. In terms of soundtrack music, I think Twilight - Breaking Dawn part 1 has the best I've seen.


This is a relatively new hobby that I got into in 2010, courtesy of this store. I don't scrapbook as much now because of cost and time constraints, but when I do, my scrapbooking ventures get posted at shiikiscraps. Scrapbooking is probably the closest I will ever come to doing art with paper because I am hopeless at drawing (even my stick figures aren't very proportionate). At least it gives me the chance of creating something pretty.

The only other crafty thing I can do with any skill are friendship bands. Which I get the compulsion to make from time to time and then I just make lots and lots and send them out as Christmas presents.


There used to be a lot of sailing talk here. I will refer you mostly to the second definition, although I occasionally talk about the first and once in the blue moon the third applies.

1. The skill required to operate and navigate a vessel; navigation.
2. The sport of operating or riding in a sailboat.
3. Departure or time of departure from a port.

Sailing's a sport I've been involved in, to date, for 15 years. I sincerely hope I will be involved with it for the next 50. I've sailed dinghies, skiffs, and keelboats, so a pretty wide range.

For more proof of my obsession: the sailing tag is the largest on my LJ. Also, I'm doing 100 Things You May or May Not Know About Sailing for 100things_index.

If you want to friend me because you love sailing and want to read and talk sailing, OMG YES PLEASE DO!


I love travelling. The first time I got on a plane was when I was eight months old, and maybe that's why. Since I started sailing, I've had the opportunity to visit many wonderful countries. What I love about travelling is that not only do you get to see many new things, it also changes your perspective such that when you do go home, you look at it through a slightly adjusted lens.


And I think that's enough to start with. If you're intrigued, follow the link at the top to my Friends Only post!